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Free Antivirus 5.0Free Avira Anti Vir Personal does a great job keeping malware from infesting your clean computer system.

Panda Cloud Antivirus Free Edition 1.1 does an even better job than the commercial products at keeping malware from infesting a clean system, though it's not as good at cleaning up malware that's already on board.

Like Panda Cloud Antivirus House Call uses signatures "in the cloud" rather than maintaining a local signature database.Note that the blurbs below do not represent all our AV reviews, paid or free—just the ones who are good (or bad) enough to merit inclusion in this roundup.Check out our full complement of reviews at PCMag.com's security landing page.The other two include all protective features, so unless you intend commercial use you'll do fine with the free editions. in particular tested well for malware removal, edging out Microsoft Security Essentials 1.0 for the best malware removal score by a free product using last year's malware samples.Just because a product is free doesn't mean it will save you money, though.

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